Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you give me information on starting a business?
Starting a business is an exciting venture; however, you want to make certain you contact the right agency’s and you are getting the correct information.  The best source for tax and  license information is www.myflorida.comand

The Dundee Building Department, located in Town Hall, is where you will get information on Local Occupational Licenses. Visit for a step-by-step guide on starting a new business in Dundee.

Can I get a list of all the Chamber members?
We do not sell or distribute a list for non-members.  All of our members are listed on this site under the Member Directory.

What are the area’s newspapers?
The Dundee/Lake Hamilton Area is serviced by two newspapers, The Ledger and The News Chief.

Can you give me information about non-profits or community help organizations?
Under our Chamber Member Directory is a list of our non-profits and community help organizations.

Do you have a list of available properties or business locations?
Under the section of SERVICES, you will find a listing of available buildings and land.

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